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An Adventure With the Sea Stallion From Ireland

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Sea Stallion
Havhingsten fra Glendalough
Photo: Werner Karrasch - Viking Ship Museum
Roskilde, Denmark - August 2008

It all started in the fall of 2007. Steve Carlson, a friend of mine, sent me an email talking about a Viking ship experiment. People in Denmark found parts of five Viking ships sunk in the harbor north of Roskilde. They decided to reconstruct replicas from the remnants. The Viking Ship Museum of Denmark was formed to study and build the ships.

The last of the five to be replicated was named Skuldelev 2. This was the largest, a 30 meter warship that would carry over 60 Viking sailors/warriors. The reconstruction was completed in 2004 and would be called in Danish "Havhingsten fra Glendalough" or "The Sea Stallion from Ireland".

After some trial sailing in the harbor, the ship was made ready in 2007 for their first great experiment; a journey from Roskilde, Denmark up through the North Sea and across northern Scotland to arrive finally in Dublin, Ireland. There it rested for the winter at the Museum of Ireland awaiting a return voyage to Roskilde in 2008.

The Sea Stallion at the National Museum of Ireland
I related all this information to a very good friend of mine, Johann Steinke. He sails tall ships for a living. When he heard about the Sea Stallion, he mentioned how great it would be to sail the return voyage.

I had plans to travel to Ireland in 2007 and arranged a stop in Dublin to see the Sea Stallion. While talking with Alexander, a crew member, I mentioned my friend would like to join the crew. Alexander warned that he had better apply quickly as the crew roster was nearly completed.

So, I sent word to Johann to get his application in. He sent it that night. Within a few weeks, Johann was interviewed and accepted.

Photo: Werner Karrasch - Viking Ship Museum
I know he was excited and the proof is evidenced in this picture. (Johann is on the far right.) When he told me he was on the crew, I promised that I would meet him in Denmark when the ship came home. And so, my summer vacation was set. I called the airlines for a round trip and then called a youth hostel next to the Viking Ship Museum to reserve a room.

On August 8th, I left for an adventure of a lifetime. Maybe it was not as great an adventure that Johann faced on the open sea. But, it was very enjoyable, just the same.

Danhostel Roskilde Vandrerhjem
Arriving on Thursday, I stayed at the Danhostel Roskilde Vandrerhjem, which is situated next to the museum complex. It was quite comfortable and very convenient. I met a number of people at the museum and in the Viking village who will be my friends for life.

Friday was my chance to explore the Viking Ship Museum and its many exhibits. Saturday was the home coming. Sunday was spent with Johann and his parents, Liz and Roy. And, Monday gave me the opportunity to explore Roskilde.

You can view pictures of my trip by clicking one of the albums listed under Denmark 2008 on the menu. I also suggest that you visit the Sea Stallion website, www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk where you will find a wealth of information about the history, reconstruction and sailing of the ships.

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